Tea for dogs? How it all came to be…..

Once upon a 2007 kitchen table, a mother of three very young children sat in the middle of the laundry and her hormones, desperately contemplating what she wanted “to do with the rest of her life”. Her brainstorming kept coming back to one of her lifelong passions: tea. A revelation popped into her mind: dog tea. Why not?! She knew she was onto something, and began working feverishly to prepare formulations and samples. She distributed them to friends for testing, and the feedback was all very positive. She made up her mind to embark on this journey, engaged a marketing & design firm for assistance, and then….life happened. The idea was pushed to the sidelines: on hold but not forgotten.  

Fast forward several years, and the urge to resurrect the project was growing stronger. One morning while on the local gym treadmill, she mentioned the idea to a fellow gym rat who was a product development and manufacturing specialist. He loved the idea and was emphatic about its potential. Her confidence and inspiration restored, the journey resumed and Tea For Spot was born.


Our Mission Statement

Our Company
As the maker of Tea For Spot products, Girl Unleashed, Inc. provides thoughtfully inspired, all-natural canine cuisine, beverages and accessories. Our products promote healthy dietary habits and the enjoyment of the simple things in daily living. We believe that health and wellness are as important to companion pets as they are to humans. It’s a lifestyle thing.

Our Products
Carefully crafted. Wholesome. Fun. Delicious. We emphasize certified, organically grown, responsibly harvested ingredients. We care as much for your dog’s daily regimen, as we do for our own. For us, it’s not just business, it’s personal.

Our Customers
They are educated consumers who care about their pet’s health and well-being. They understand the value of establishing healthy habits through wholesome foods and drinks. They take the time and effort to care for and connect with their pets. It’s about the good life. 

On the Job
Like our products, our work environment is fun, thoughtful, creative, and inspired. We love what we do, and are passionate to always do it better. From top to bottom, we promote openness and creative thinking, and actively solicit feedback. We foster honesty and respect in our workforce. It’s who we are.

Our Shareholders
Growth is the inevitable outcome of people embracing our vision and our products. By remaining true to our core principles, everyone will derive benefits. It’s academic.

Giving Back
Our products are thoughtful, and so are we. A portion of our profits is donated annually to charities that promote the health and wellness of both pets and people alike. It’s the right thing.